New Revolutionary Limbs IM Relief Knee

Donate to our 2016 Holiday Drive to help fund the revolutionary, new LIMBS IM Relief Knee

For the past three years, our engineering team has been working diligently to perfect the new, patented IM (Injection-Molded) LIMBS Relief Knee – a revolutionary, ultra low-cost prosthetic device designed for mass production.

Our new LIMBS knee features more current affordable technologies to drastically increase its durable, functionality, and cosmetic appeal than previous versions, including a protective kneecap that will look more natural under a patient’s clothes and make it easier to kneel.

We are now ready to produce the IM Relief Knee using an injection-molded manufacturing process that will greatly speed up production, provide a much higher quality, allowing LIMBS to increase fittings from hundreds per year to tens of thousands annually.

We only need $50,000 to help us complete the funding for the entire first phase of the project.

The Process: After investigating qualified manufacturing firms from around the world, LIMBS will partner with a company to make the molds. LIMBS engineers will analyze and test the molded parts to make sure they meet all the specifications for mass manufacturing while maintaining high quality standards. Subsequently, there will be an initial run of approximately 500 knees using an injection-molding process featuring Delrin, a strong Dupont resin. Then each knee will be hand-assembled using special stainless steel hardware and rechecked for quality control. The finished knees will be the key component in the popular LIMBox (our complete prosthetic leg system), and distributed by LIMBS and other NGO relief organizations.

These injection-molds will allow LIMBS to make the five key parts for up to 100,000 Relief Knees, which computes to only fifty cents per knee! We need your help to fund this grand endeavor so we can give the gift of mobility – and life – to desperate amputees around the world.

LIMBS needs to raise $50,000 between now and January 1, 2017. LIMBS International is a nonprofit 501(c3) organization (U.S. EIN #27-4334121) –– so your donation is 100% tax deductible.

You can make a difference – and we’ll be diligent to assure that this bold initiative is a great success.

You can either donate now using a credit card - or you can send us a check:
LIMBS International, Inc. • 417 Indian Bluff Road, El Paso, Texas 79912

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