As Director of Development, you’ll be responsible spearhead our fundraising and outreach programs. LIMBS plans to provide 250,000 legs by 2024 through our Project: Mobility initiative and this role will be critical to the success of this project.


  • You’ll spearhead our fundraising and outreach efforts that will generate funds and in-kind donations to support the organization’s goal of fitting 250,000 amputees by 2024, through support from individuals, corporations, events, and grants.
  • You’ll analyze supporter data to find new opportunities and ensure all activities are measurable to drive efficiencies and maximize results.
  • You’ll help coordinate small and large scale events where the LIMBS International story can be shared. You’ll create targeted strategies behind every event that can measured and help turn the excitement of every guest into an opportunity to support our mission.
  • You’ll cultivate relationships with the current supporters we have in our system and grow their annual giving to us.
  • You’ll expand the experience for major donors, with a focus on supporters who give to water programs. Work alongside our Executive Director to develop opportunities to enhance the donor experience.
  • You’ll develop a new portfolio of major gift supporters and engage people who have never been involved with us, through relationship building.
  • You’ll work with our board and current donor members to leverage their circle of influence in getting more deeply involved in our mission.


  • A bachelor’s degree.
  • A minimum of 5 years of fundraising, sales, marketing, or brand leadership experience.
  • An incredible passion for our mission that invigorates and excites everyone with whom you share the mission.
  • Outstanding communication skills, articulate and persuasive, with well-honed relationship building skills.
  • A dynamic, driven and sophisticated professional excited by the opportunity to help shape the future of the fundraising department and the organization as a whole.
  • A team-orientation and strong work ethic, essential for this demanding environment that continually strives for excellence.
  • Highly developed interpersonal skills with the presence and personal style to represent the organization to multiple constituents.
  • Excellent writing skills for grant writing, PR, and marketing campaigns
  • Bi-lingual (English/Spanish)
  • Ability and desire to travel domestically and internationally


  • You're uniquely people-oriented.
    You're more than capable of cultivating productive relationships. You'll work closely with business leaders, philanthropists, influencers and other diverse personalities. This doesn't intimidate you, but excites you. You thrive on building and developing these relationships with intelligence, maturity and professionalism.
  • You have a remarkable track record.
    You have a history of leading successful initiatives with measurable results that have impacted the bottom line. Your years of applicable experience have cultivated your wisdom and nuanced creativity for this position.
  • You're a strategic thinker.
    You have the strategic prowess and social intelligence required to help build scalable models that leverage LIMBS International’s brand, assets, relationships and opportunities to meet aggressive growth goals.
  • You're an inventor, an innovator.
    LIMBS International is committed to constantly inventing new ways to connect people with the direct impact of their gifts. You thrive in a creative, inventive, fast-paced start-up environment, with people who are passionate about their work and mission.
  • You're a deal-maker.
    You're comfortable asking for money and are not afraid to say no. You possess a keen ability to sell ideas and close deals. You operate with poise, dignity, and reliability in both your personal and professional worlds.
  • You understand the value of our supporters.
    You make everyone feel special. You’re able to get anyone excited about what we do and make their experience with us unique. You’re inviting, discerning and thoughtful.


Send the following to:

  • Resume (No more than 2-pages)
  • A one-page cover letter describing why your experience and education will allow you to be a successful fundraiser for LIMBS both locally and nationally.
  • No phone calls will be accepted concerning this position


This opportunity is for those located in (or willing to re-locate to) the El Paso area only.


 Salary will be based on experience and education