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LIMBS partners with teachers and schools at all levels to educate students on the needs of amputees around the world while empowering them to become global citizens via community service and classroom learning. 

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technology development

LIMBS is committed to designing and developing affordable, high-quality prosthetic solutions for the millions of amputees throughout the developing world who would normally never have access to prosthetic technology let alone be able to afford them. 

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community rehab

Through the Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) program LIMBS partners with local community groups to provide a comprehensive rehabilitation program while addressing the issues of mental, emotional, and social trauma that have been experience by amputees.   

Taking A Stand So That Others Can

LIMBS International engages communities and transforms lives through affordable, sustainable prosthetic solutions. 

 In developing countries—where two feet are often the only means of transportation—the loss of a leg is just the first step in a cycle of loss that includes the loss of jobs, friends, family, independence, dignity and hope.

 The heart of the problem lies in the fact that the best prosthetic legs for amputee are found in the areas of the world where the demand is the lowest.  According to the World Health Organization, this leaves 40 million amputees in the developing world without access to even the most basic prosthetic legs.

The challenges are huge…but there is hope.


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