Education has always been an integral part of LIMBS International. In 2004, LIMBS began on a university campus when four students set out to design an affordable, high-quality, maintainable prosthetic knee that could be used throughout the developing world. The students were able to bridge the gap between technology and affordability and that school year, the first LIMBS knee was born.  

In 2011, LIMBS expanded its educational programing to include students at all levels. Through the Learning for LIMBS (L4L) program, LIMBS partners with teachers and schools K-12 to educate students about the needs of amputees in the developing world while empowering them to become global citizens via community service. This combination of connecting academics with authentic community needs has resulted in students truly grasping what it means to be internationally minded.  

The L4L program provides students across the U.S. and internationally with the opportunity to make real-world connections between what they are learning in the classroom and how it can be applied to make the world a better place. LIMBS provides lesson plans that are STEM centered, inquiry based, interdisciplinary and linked to a global context at no cost to schools. L4L schools then partner with LIMBS through service-learning projects to provide legs to amputees, who would not be able to afford them, giving them a second chance at life.

This partnership of students and teachers with LIMBS raises funds to provide a LIMBox (complete leg system) to an amputee at one of LIMBS’ partner clinics. For every $300 raised, LIMBS provides one LIMBox and changes a life for less than the cost of a smart phone.    

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