Much of the research LIMBS performs takes place at the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP), but there are teams at several other institutions that contribute to the work of LIMBS. The LIMBS Summit provides an opportunity to learn about the progress made by all active LIMBS research teams. It also allows other university research teams to share their progress in the field of Modular Prosthetic Technologies toward a more uniform means of collaboration.

The LIMBS Summit is a place where ideas are shared, but also a forum for bringing focus and vision to the research. At LIMBS, we acknowledge technology is important, but is not the whole picture. The point of creating technology is to impact lives, and this event is a good environment for focusing on the importance of the individuals that are at the heart of all our research and development efforts.

At previous events, teams from UTEP, Hartford, ITESM Guadalajara, Clemson and Johns Hopkins have presented findings from their own research projects. The teams also have the opportunity to discuss their ideas with other teams who have worked on similar projects with the result that they are better prepared to move forward in their research.

There is currently no upcoming Summit on our calender.