Throughout the developing world the ability to walk means health, income, education, and acceptance. 

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Mission Statement 

LIMBS International is committed to engaging communities and transforming lives through sustainable, affordable prosthetic solutions.

LIMBS believes every individual – regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, economic status, or nationality – deserves love, compassion, respect, and the opportunity to become a productive member of society.For amputees – including victims of disease, accidents, substandard medical care, and war – the gift of mobility is the gift of life.








It's all about access  

The World Health Organization estimates that there are 40 million amputees throughout the developing world, but only about 5% of them have access to any form of prosthetic devices or assistance.

Unfortunately, in many of the cases where assistance is available, amputees do not have the resources to pay for the help that they desperately need. This disparity between the need and available solutions, leave millions of amputees without hope of ever regaining their mobility, independence, and dignity. 




It's more than just a leg.

In developing countries—where two feet are often the only means of transportation—the loss of a leg is just the first step in a cycle of loss that includes the loss of jobs, friends, family, independence, dignity and hope.

Amputees are ostracized from their communities and forced onto the streets where they have to beg in order to survive.

In fact, there is a strong connection between disabilities and poverty and to make matters worse poor people are more likely to become disabled. This vicious cycle plays out over and over again throughout the developing world. 






It's about bridging the gap. 

Since 2004, LIMBS International has been working to bridge the gap between technology and affordability by designing high-quality, low-cost prosthetic limbs for amputees throughout the developing world. 

LIMBS continually pushes the boundaries of what is possible in the world of prosthetic components. In a market where the majority of the research and development is focused on high-end solutions, LIMBS is committed to engineering the cost out of prosthetic systems without sacrificing quality. As a result, LIMBS is able to provide amputees with a high-quality leg system at a fraction of the cost of other available systems. 













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 LIMBS International, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c3) organization. US EIN #27-4334121.